Playlists, Poems, Photos & Praise

After each week's dance, either a music playlist, a poem or reading that was shared, a photograph taken during an event or praise about something amazing that happened during a Beach Dance will be posted here for you to enjoy.  Visit often to discover new songs to love, words to stir your soul, photographs to appreciate beauty and overall goodness about the people who come to Beach Dance and what this experience is really all about.  

Ecstatic dance or conscious movement is created from and happens with intention. And this past Sunday’s dance was a full-on, hour of music that was intentionally-created for our own healing and collective empowerment. Every song was meant to evoke a feeling and/or an emotion. Every song was especially selected as a statement/sentiment to impact the body, touch the heart and stir the soul.

I’ll have much more to say in my next newsletter about how important our own individual dance and our dance together is right now at this time in our nation’s and world’s history. For now, I’ll say this- We MUST have something in our lives that we can turn to for inspiration, solace and belonging. For us as human beings to not just survive, but thrive within the absolute chaos that surrounds us politically, socially and environmentally, we not only need a personal practice to steady ourselves, but we need a supportive community we can immerse ourselves in.

Forty-seven people came together this past Sunday and danced their bodies, touched each other’s hearts and shared their souls. It was a much-needed release of energy for many of us. It was, and I don’t use this term often or lightly, EPIC! We danced being our own heroes. I invite you to listen to this playlist and dance your own.

The next Beach Dance will happen on Sunday, October 21. There is NO DANCE this Sunday, October 14 as I will be off island dancing and writing at Breitenbush Hot Springs. I look forward to immersing with you again next weekend. Steady on, friends.

That Sweet Something

The new day begins with birdsong.

I awaken from a strange dream

and yet…there's that sweet something

understanding nothing appears as it seems.

The familiar face stares back in the mirror.

I recognize it as my own

and yet…there's that sweet something

looking beyond what is seen and known

The hopeful heart is open.

I fall in love with another

and yet...there's that sweet something

knowing there really is no ‘other.’

The wise soul understands patience.

I forget again and again

and yet...there's that sweet something

realizing home has always been within.

The truth of life is love.

I practice it in many ways

and yet…there's that sweet something

remembering I AM that sweet something every day.

It was all about self love. And then it was about love of others. And then it was simply loving it all.

After being away for four months...It was a sweet homecoming. 

mahalo to all of you who came and danced. 

Let's do it again!



what i meant to say
when the lines of my mouth
drew close together
and my hands rose up like birds
about to take flight
was this...
"i do not listen well
when the songs offered up
are sung in such dissonant tones." 

what i meant to say
when the tears of my eyes
fell like a rainstorm
and my throat tightened up
as if a noose were now worn
was this...
"i do not understand
how such hateful prose comes
under the guise of good will."

what i meant to say
when the trembling of my limbs
became subtly visible  
and my head shook in all directions
like the solar system gone mad
was this..
"i do not know why
people choose to inflict
such harm upon each other." 

what i meant to say
when the beat of my heart
suddenly sped up
and my breath was an inhale
or an exhale or both
like it often is
when something's dying
was this...
"i do not see clearly
when the truth is unspoken,
or hidden through lies." 
what i meant to say was this...
i want to listen well so
i'll do my best to sing together. 
i want to understand so
i will speak words that foster empathy.
i want to be kind and loving so
i will forgive over and over again.
i want to see clearly so
i will keep living until i let go
of everything i'm attached to. 

what i meant to say was this...
look at what my body is saying
and you will see my soul.

something more than imagination

Might it be possible

when hate appears stronger than love,

devotion arrives like a long-lost lover and says,

"I'm so sorry I forgot how much you mean to me"?

And then tears of forgiveness

unite the two of you together again

and the promises you make now

are better ones and are kept.


Could it be true

when we see each other as separate,

compassion arrives like our bathroom mirror and says,

"I'm so sorry I forgot how lovely you are"?

And then smiles of recognition

remind the two of you again,

we are all made to look different

so we could see the beauty

of the entire world in a face.


Is it conceivable

when assumptions and judgments are made,

kindness arrives like an abandoned puppy and says,

"I'm so sorry I forgot you just want to be loved

as much as I do"?

And then hugs of kinship help you both remember

that when we're willing to listen,

we realize we want the same things.


Can you imagine

when people are detached and indifferent,

belonging arrives like the feeling of home and says,

"I'm so sorry I forgot who you really are. Please come in"? 

And then words of affection pour forth between you

and love becomes the shared language

you've always spoken.