About Lila Danielle...

I believe creative self-expression, imagination and improvisation are key ways to tap into and allow one’s true nature and spirit to be set free.  Twenty years ago when I was first introduced to ecstatic dance, I had no idea then how it would change my life and impact the lives of others.  I’d always loved to dance, but had never taken formal lessons nor made it a habitual practice. The more I danced, the better I felt and it soon became something I wholeheartedly embraced.  Dance is no longer something I do. Dance has become a part of who I am.

I am… a passionate advocate for speaking one’s truth, being kind and playing a lot.

I think… there are four things most people want out of life; to feel loved, to feel free, to be seen and to be remembered.

I envision… a world where love of self and others, honesty and integrity, and peace and joy are common daily experiences not once-in-awhile events.

I know… life is short and more often than not, is exactly what we choose it to be.

I have danced and/or studied with Gabrielle Roth, Vinn Arjuna Marti, Anna Halprin, Ann Randolph and many other incredible teachers of conscious movement, theater arts and creative expression over the last two decades. I owned a free-form dance studio for a year along the north Oregon coast. I’ve facilitated movement-based retreats for the last ten years and have recently decided to put the Uninhibited Retreat I lead twice a year on Maui into hibernation for awhile. 

I love to inspire people to move.  I especially love seeing and hearing about what happens when people are moved by the experience of their own dance. As a facilitator, I provide guidance and support that’s encouraging, inclusive and real.  As a movement artist, I participate as deep and as wide as I facilitate.  I am both teacher and student and there is much we can learn from each other and our interactions.  As a writer, I use words to ponder and provoke, compliment and criticize, and to understand myself and the world a bit more through curiosity and acceptance.

I live on the beautiful island of Maui where my body and soul were meant to be. I share my daily life with my husband, a wonderful mix of people from all around the world and a myriad of orchids in a house overlooking the ocean that we’ve turned into a lovely bed and breakfast.  I enjoy creating extraordinary experiences for others in my home and on the beach. I relish social gatherings and solitude. I write with my body first and my pen second. 

I trust if our dancing paths are destined to meet, they inevitably will.